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Support a trailblazer of science – donate to the university of Tampere

Science heals the sick, makes life easier and creates opportunities for people and businesses. In short, science makes the world a better place. By donating to the University of Tampere you help to blaze a trail towards a more dynamic and enriched society.


Make a donation for science

The University of Tampere is the most popular multidisciplinary university in Finland. The University’s current area of strength is wide-ranging research on health and society. We are educating our 16,000 students to become international academic experts who understand the world and want to change it.

What do you want to support?

The donations will be used to finance critical research and instruction. Donations to institutions of higher education are eligible for tax deductions. The donated sum between €850 and €500,000 per year is tax-deductible for individuals and the donated sum between €850 and €250 000 per year is tax-deductible for businesses and communities.

You can choose to bestow your donation to one of the following fields of study in the deed of donation:


Regenerator of society

You can support the following fields of study: education and teacher training, psychology, social sciences.

Promoter of Health

You can support the following fields of study: health sciences, medicine.

Innovator of Businesses

You can support the following fields of study: economics, natural sciences.

Nurturer of Culture

You can support the following fields of study: arts and theatre, humanities.


How to donate?

You can donate money via a bank transfer. Please note that a deed of donation is needed for all donations € 850 or more. The deed of donation is a way for us to ensure that your donation is correctly processed for tax deductions. The address to which the deed of donation should be sent can be found on the deed of donation.

Bank account numbers for donating funds to the University of Tampere:
Nordea FI27 1146 3001 1095 00 NDEAFIHH
Pohjola FI45 5000 0120 2582 71 OKOYFIHH
Danske Bank FI13 8519 9710 0007 28 DABAFIHH

University of Tampere

Message field of the bank transfer:
A donation to the University of Tampere. The donor’s name and contact details.

Fundraising licence number: RA/2018/24, issuer National Police Board.


 The bonuses we offer to donorsunder
1 000 €
1 000 €
10 000 €
Your name on the list of donors on the fundraising websitexxx
The University of Tampere newsletterxxx
A plaque featuring your name on the Donors’ Wall at the Universityxx
Invitations to events organised by the Universityxx
VIP-invitation to the annual meeting of the University’s executive management and the donorsx

Thank you for your support!

The University of Tampere publishes the names of donors on the fundraising website (in Finnish).
If you wish to stay anonymous, please send an email: communications@uta.fi.


Contact information

Press and Information Office
tel. +358 (0)50 318 6613

Visiting address:
Kalevantie 4
33100 Tampere

Postal address
FI-33014 University of Tampere

More information about the donations

Accounting manager
Heikki Huoviala
tel. +358 (0)40 190 4072

Liaison manager
Mia Simpanen
tel. +358(0)40190 1243